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Repack Downhill

The steep and rough Repack Fire Road in Fairfax, Marin County, California is where mountain biking started. It got its name from the smoke that billowed from burning grease and the subsequent need to repack the hubs of early coaster-brake bikes cruising this classic downhill.

The first formal race down Repack was held in 1976. For the handwritten results of those early races, see Charlie Kelly's Repack records. These are the earliest documents in the sport of mountain biking.

I've forgotten Dave's and Vince's last names. If you know, please tell me.

Thanks to Rob Nilsen for sending three of the photos.

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Rob Nilsen in 1985 Repack Downhill Unknown rider in 1985 Repack Downhill Repack Downhill, 1984 Repack Downhill, 1984
Rob Nilsen coming into finish line in 1984 Repack (photo by Dan Nilson) Unknown rider in 1984 Repack (photo by Dan Nilsen) 1984 - A racing mountain bike sidecar! Steve Boehmke is in the saddle, Kye Sharp is on the "sidecar". 1984
Repack Downhill 1984 Repack Downhill 1984 Repack Downhill 1984 Repack Downhill
1983. Contributed by Rob Nilsen (photo is copyright 1985 Rodale Press) 1984 Vince. (sorry, Vince, I've forgotten your last name) 1984 Dave Cummings after finishing race. 1984
1984 Repack Downhill 1984 Repack Downhill    
Dennit Colescott. 1984 Don Mertle at finish line with shredded rear tire. 1984